Hi there. I’m Raina. Welcome to my website! Scroll down to learn more about me, or check out my writing.

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Raina Xin is a student living in St. Louis, and an avid reader and writer who—for the moment at least—is a 6th grader at heart. Her reading preferences are more varied than an all-you-can-eat buffet, from 19th-century literature (Ugh Enjolras, my heart!), to the (sometimes darkly) humorous world of Terry Pratchett, to the deep and inescapable trenches of Middle Grade fiction. (So many books, so little time…) Likewise, her writing ranges from philosophical musings about the human condition in relation to Pinterest, to Middle Grade fantasy novels with plenty of child-like snark and humor. On the rare occasions when she’s not off exploring worlds set atop giant flying turtles, schools for wizards and camps for demigods, or post-apocalyptic dystopias where everything is named after SAT vocab words, you can find her outside, where she may or may not be melting from the sunlight and fresh air.